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Product Benefits:

  • Help combat abdominal fat
  • Boost natural energy
  • Promote clearer thinking
  • Help minimize cravings
  • Support a strong, slimmer-feeling body


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Active-PK is a revolutionary formula designed to help fight fatigue and abdominal fat so you can enjoy a stronger, slimmer-feeling body.

This formula works by using natural compounds to help activate AMPK — your metabolic “master switch” — which tells your body to stop storing fat and start converting it into clean, usable fuel. This can lead to more energy, fewer cravings, and a slimmer waistline.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All LCR Health products, no matter what quantity you order, come with our 90-Day, Ironclad Guarantee. That means if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, just call us at 800-384-8308 or us at email at [email protected] and our customer support staff will explain how to return your product to our fulfillment center. As soon as your shipment is received, you’ll be issued a refund. It’s as simple as that.


What are the main ingredients in LCR Health Active-PK™?

These are the main ingredients in LCR Health Active PK:

  • Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract
  • Quercetin dihydrate
  • Berberine HCI

Active PK also includes: rice flour, hypromellose, and vegetable stearic acid.

How does Active-PK™ work?

This formula contains 2 of the most powerful AMPK-boosting compounds ever discovered — Berberine and Gynostemma. These plant extracts are proven to help your body trim abdominal fat, boost your endurance, and “crank up” your metabolism by maintaining healthy AMPK production.1, 2, 3

Active-PK™ also harnesses the power of Quercetin — the AMPK-kickstarter that makes superfood “super” — to help support high energy levels, optimized brain function, and a slim waistline.4, 5, 6

How do I use Active-PK™?

Enjoying Active-PK™ couldn’t be easier. Just take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water, either with food or on an empty stomach.

It is not necessary to refrigerate Active-PK™, although doing so will not impact its effectiveness.

How many bottles should I order?

Most customers order 3 bottles of Active-PK™ to start, which is what we recommend. After that, we suggest taking advantage of our 6 bottle package for even bigger savings.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for Active-PK™?

Active-PK™ is designed to work for everybody. But if you experience rapid weight gain, “brain fog,” a loss of physical energy, or difficulty engaging in the activities you loved when you were younger — then you’ll benefit most from Active-PK™.

Can I take it with my other medications?

As always, consult your physician before beginning any new supplements, as they may interact if you are taking prescribed medications.

When will I receive my order?

We typically ship Monday through Friday, and always within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Depending on your location, please allow between 2 to 7 business days within the U.S.

What if Active-PK™ doesn’t work for me?

All LCR Health™ products, no matter what quantity you order, come with our 90-Day, Ironclad Guarantee. That means if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, just call us at 800-384-8308 or us at email at [email protected] and our customer support staff will explain how to return your product to our fulfillment center. As soon as your shipment is received, you’ll be issued a refund. It’s as simple as that.

Active-PK™ contains

No caffeine

No dairy

No synthetic additives

Vegetarian capsules

Third-party tested

We hold ourselves to the highest manufacturing standards in the supplement industry. Our products are subjected to rigorous third-party testing by multiple independent laboratories. These tests ensure our formulas contain only 100% pure ingredients and are free of any dangerous heavy metals or biological contaminants.

Who is LCR Health™?

LCR Health™ is a nutraceutical company in Los Angeles, California. We’re dedicated to bringing cutting-edge scientific advancements to regular people who want to optimize their mental and physical health. All of our products are not only tested at our lab, but at an independent third-party facility, too — so you know what you’re getting is safe and effective.

We’re also committed to amazing customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 800-384-8308 (between 5am to 7pm PST on weekdays, and between 6am to 4:30pm PST on weekends), or email us at [email protected]

Your privacy is our #1 priority!

We’ve taken all the necessary precautions to make sure your information is protected. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

Active PK Reviews

4.8 out of 5
4.8 OUT OF 5
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5 out of 5

Jan 17 2022   Review

“I've lost a majority of the unseen belly fat and even some of the seen body fat. I thank you for this amazing bringing together of these natural chemicals that help bring hope and life back to a majority of the users.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Jan 1 2022   Active PK

“I have lost some of my belly fat and am thrilled about it. Also my energy level has tripled!! I really enjoy that because I am able to accomplish so much more than I used to.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Oct 5 2021   This works so well!

“I have been starting the day with two of these pills every morning for the past few weeks and I have really been noticing the difference. I find that after taking this, not only do I have more energy, but I also find that I am not as hungry. As I go and work out, I find that the energy remains and that it has seemed to help with some of the exercises that I have been doing to target my abdomen. This means that the love handles seem to be smaller which is great too! Finally, as I have used this, I have found that I have more energy throughout the day. The energy is not just at the beginning of the day, but it is sustained throughout the day. I have been impressed so far with how well this has worked and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next as I continue taking this in the future!”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Sep 17 2021   LOSING BELLY FAT

“I have been taking Active PK for about one month and I am excited to be losing belly fat, in inches, and finding it easier to breathe and move around. I have more energy, and I have no joint or muscle pain since taking it. No negative side effects whatsoever. Love this product. Thanks for a great source of help.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Sep 15 2021   Active PK is incredible

“To be honest, I was skeptical. After 3 days, I could feel the transformation in my gut. The bloating is gone. My bowel movements are more complete. I truly feel a difference.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Jul 29 2021   Life Saver

“I am so happy that I found this product. It truly saved my life. I'm very overweight and was constantly thinking about food. I love to eat! I gave into all cravings and if I didn't it would be all out war in my head until I got what I wanted. 2 days after taking active pk I noticed a difference. The war was over in my head...I started making better food choices. I lost 20lbs and look forward to losing more. I really don't want junk food only healthy stuff. I for some reason don't feel like I have extra energy though. Im just so happy the cravings are gone. I'll hope the energy will come with more weight loss. I also will try the master cell see if that helps. Thank you Rand McClain ❤”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Mar 6 2021   Active PK makes me feel getting busy!

“Active PK really helps me to feel like doing the work I know I need to get done! I need some moreover!”
- CC

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Mar 2 2021   Great!

“I have been taking it about almost two months. I have not weighed myself yet, but my clothes fit loose and look better. I also noticed a lot of my love handles and other parts have disappeared or gotten smaller! I will continue taking it! Thanks! 😊”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

May 12 2020   Active-PK Works!

“Any time I know I have a very busy day ahead of me, this is my first go to. Energy just keeps coming from nowhere throughout the day. It's amazing. I don't feel any side affects whatsoever, just feel far less senior than I am. People notice when they see by days end what I've accomplished at higher speed.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Mar 28 2020   Active PK

“I have been taking Active PK for 2 weeks and doing simple to do, easy exercises like push-ups and crunches. You can just roll out of bed, knock out a few and go about your day. I have noticed that my "Love Handles" have shrunk significantly and the fat that likes to gather around the belly button has tightened significantly. I have also noticed that I have more energy at the end of the work day and have found myself coming home from work with pent up energy. Enough energy, that instead of plopping down on the couch like I would normally do, I am out mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, etc., etc...all those ankle bitter chores that I usually put off for the weekend. This product is scary it works so well.”

*Results may vary

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