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Dr. Rand McClain

How It Started

LCR Health

I’m Dr. Rand McClain, the co-founder of LCR Health.

At Regenerative & Sports Medicine, my clinic in Santa Monica, California, I work with elite athletes, CEOs, celebrities, and people like you, who want to make the most of what is available to optimize health.

I use cutting-edge technology — stem cells, hormone replacement, platelet-rich plasma therapy, cryotherapy, and more — to help my clients look and feel younger.

My Story

I believe I think a little differently. I run my practice a little differently. And that’s because I got where I am a little differently.

Once upon a time, I became an accountant. (If you’ve ever seen me or met me, you know it’s not because I love crunching numbers.)

Like many of you, I followed in my parent’s footsteps. My dad was an accountant, so naturally I was destined to be an accountant, too. At least, that’s what I thought.

But one day, I ended up in the windowless basement of a public power company, with years and years of tax and audit files spread out in front of me.

It was the final straw. Right then and there, I packed up my briefcase, walked upstairs to the lobby, got on the nearest payphone (remember those?), and called my boss.

“I’m sorry,” I told him. “I just can’t do this anymore.”

"Wheelchair-bound by 40"

I kicked around for a few years, working all kinds of odd jobs - from a lifeguard to a boxer in South America. At one point, I even had the opportunity to try out for a professional football team!

That was where the trouble started. I was told that to make Spring ball, I’d need to put on 10 more pounds to weigh 260 pounds. During one of my heavy lifting sessions — I was trying to squat over 500 pounds — I began falling forward.

Now, back in those days, if you started to fall forward while squatting, the advice was to look up towards the ceiling. I looked up alright — and thanks to a congenitally weak neck, I crushed about 25% of my spinal cord.

When I went to the hospital, the doctors told me I was going to be wheelchair-bound by the time I was 40.

I didn’t listen. Within six months, I was back in the gym squatting 365 pounds for multiple repetitions. These doctors are nuts, I thought.

The truth is, I’ve never been satisfied with what the “medical status quo” has agreed on.

Dr. McClain

The path I took to medical school wasn’t exactly conventional, because I started by studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Western medicine is GREAT at treating the symptoms of disease, especially acute and life-threatening health issues, but not always so great at finding and treating the causes, or, treating chronic and more subtle illnesses. I believed there had to be a different way and wanted to learn everything I possibly could about BOTH approaches.

During my clinical training in Eastern Medicine, I quickly realized that, while TCM had many useful tools and some advantages over Western Medicine, it was limited in both the medicine itself - especially for the more acute situations - and the legal scope with which I could practice. I applied to Western Medical schools and was admitted, graduated and eventually accepted into the medical residency program at the University of Southern California.

After internship, I started my own private practice where I’ve since helped tens of thousands of patients take control of their health.

But it wasn’t until a friend of mine asked for help that I was ready to take the leap from recommending store-bought supplements to designing my own formulas based on the latest, most cutting-edge research.

I spent a Saturday afternoon poring over studies and began tracking down a few natural extracts I knew were backed by Eastern and Western Medicine to make him a special blend.

And wouldn’t you know it, he came back right away: “That stuff was great, Rand — can you make me some more?”

It worked so well, my friend began sharing the formula with his friends.

Well, that got me thinking… What else was out there that could naturally help people manage their weight, improve their energy, feel stronger, and help them achieve healthy, long lifespans?

That personal quest led me to co-found my own company, LCR Health.

LCR Health was created with a single mission in mind: Using the purest and most potent natural compounds on earth to help everyone achieve the freedom of living a longer, healthier, and more active life.

Throughout my life, people have always told me “no.” They said I would never get into medical school at my age. They said I would never be accepted into a medical residency program at my age. They said I wouldn't beat prostate cancer.

Well, I didn’t listen to the naysayers. And now these powerful natural formulas have already improved the lives of people all across the globe.

And I am absolutely committed to helping YOU reach your highest potential to help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.

To your longevity,

Dr. Rand McClain
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
LCR Health

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LCR Health

The Mission

LCR Health was created with a single mission in mind: Using the purest and most potent natural compounds on earth to help everyone achieve the freedom of living a longer, healthier, and more active life.

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