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The latest research confirms that adult stem cells are one of the most crucial elements of both mental and physical health. But can humans increase their own adult stem cell levels?

Adult stem cells are gaining attention from researchers because they are one of the most powerful “healing cells” in the body.

And best of all, you make them inside your own bones. Which means if we can boost the production of these powerful adult stem cells, we could improve a wide variety of physical and mental abilities.

The ingredients in the cutting-edge supplement Active Stem have been shown to have incredible health benefits:


L-Carnosine is a “performance enhancer” amino acid shown to enhance muscular endurance. In fact, many who take this potent ingredient report being able to dramatically increase strength performance at the gym, as well as:

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is incredibly potent thanks to its high number of polyphenols, which have been shown to:


Leucine is often referred to as “The Main Amino Acid” because it’s the most potent activator of protein, shown to:

Blueberry powder

Blueberry powder is a powerful heat-sensitive antioxidant, shown to help DNA health. Additionally, this ingredient is shown to: