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It’s a new decade and that means it’s a new chance to put your health first. Resetting your health habits doesn’t have to be a joyless challenge. There can be excitement and pride in working toward better health goals for yourself and the ones you love most.

In order to help you attack your goals for the new decade, LCR Health has comprised a list of the top 5 blogs of 2019. Taking a look back on lessons learned can remind you of the best ways to keep on and move forward.

Enjoy revisiting these useful blog articles. And remember, LCR Health is here for you — today, tomorrow, and well into the 2020s. Happy New Year. Read on to remind yourself about LCR Health’s most reviewed topics of 2019.

The Top 5 LCR Health Blogs Of 2019 For You

  1. Grass-Fed Butter | LCR HealthWhat Is Grass-Fed Butter? (And is it Better for You?) — Butter. Doesn’t your mouth just water when you read the word? There are a bunch of great foods out there that taste better when butter is added. But all butter is not created equal. Is grass-fed butter better than old-school butter? Butter in general gets a bad wrap. But, the evidence is growing that grass-fed butter can actually benefit your overall health. Check out this article from the 2019 blog hit list to learn more about grass-fed butter and its health benefits.
  2. 5 Gentle Exercises To Soothe Your Lower Back — Lower back pain is a nuisance and it just plain hurts — but unfortunately, it is not uncommon. If you’re like most people, you’ll tend to experience debilitating lower-back pain at some point in your life. There’s good news, though. Exercises designed to alleviate your lower back can help. In fact, if you take the time to strengthen your lower back, it could have a real impact. Take a look at this blog post from 2019 to learn more about how to support your lumbar spine (aka your lower back). And the best part is that you really don’t need fancy equipment to help your back.
  3. 64951284 – high angle view of a relaxed young woman receiving cupping treatment on back

    Chinese Cupping Therapy: Helpful or All Hype? — You see it when you watch athletes at work on the field, around the track, on the court, or in the pool — weird-looking bruises in the shape of perfect circles. But their bruises are the chosen result of a process called cupping. Cupping is one of the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine and it just might be the answer to helping tired muscles. How? Cupping is said to support blood flow. But are cupping benefits for real? While it has been around for thousands of years, some are skeptical. Read this blog post if you’re interested in finding out what cupping might do for you.

  4. 5 Ways To Combat Belly Fat — It can be really tough to talk about belly fat. Nobody likes to see substantial belly fat when they look in the mirror. But, if you’re willing to learn about what kind of fat surrounds your midsection, you can take the right steps to reduce it. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t just one kind of fat. Subcutaneous fat sits under your skin. Visceral fat envelopes your organs. If you happen to store more fat than others, you can read about these tips and tricks to help you better control your health and reduce unwanted visceral fat.
  5. uric acid build up | LCR healthPossible Causes Of Uric Acid Build Up And Joint Discomfort — People across the globe have had to deal with gout for centuries. But researchers now know so much more about the build-up of uric acid and how to avoid it than they did in years past. If you happen to be dealing with joint discomfort, you might want to pay a visit to your healthcare professional. And if it turns out you do have gout, you’ll want to know why uric acid build-up may be the cause of your discomfort. Please read this article to discover some of the possible causes of increased uric acid.

The Best Of 2019’s LCR Health Blogs To Review In 2020

The blog articles listed above can help remind you how to make 2020 (and the years that follow) your best to date. Staying healthy requires care, flexibility, and attention. So, give the articles above another glance. You can pick a few goals to work toward in the year to come.

And remember, LCR Health will keep you up to date on the most recent health practices and scientific discoveries. You can become a healthier version of yourself and LCR Health is here to help see that you do.

Have a wonderful new year and remember to check in regularly for new articles, cutting-edge tips, and the very best health hacks to keep you motivated and strong.

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