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You might have read quotes about life somewhere on the internet and saw one that said something along the lines of, “Life is all about balance.” It’s not hard to see why many people might think this way. At the same time, however, it can seem impossible to achieve a true work-life balance.

How can you truly excel in your career while simultaneously finding happiness with friends and family? It is possible. You can live a balanced life, finding fulfillment in both your work and your relationships. Here’s a look at how you might go about doing it.

Pay Attention To Your Physical Health As Well As Your Mental Health

health balance graphic | LCR HealthIf both your body and mind aren’t healthy, that will make it even harder to find a perfect balance between work and your personal life. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being.1

The reason is that exercise stimulates the production of substances known as endorphins. They can create a sense of euphoria, melting away stress and worry in the process.2 Carving out some time during the week to work out will be key to helping you stay healthy. In turn, this will give you the strength to achieve the balance you seek.

Step Away From The Desk For Some “Me Time” During The Day

Instead of burying yourself behind a mountain of paperwork for eight or more hours every day, get up from your desk and devote some time to yourself. Here are just a few ways to take breaks to clear your mind.

  • Take a coffee break every few hours.
  • Respect the lunch hour. Don’t keep working during this time if at all possible. You need a meal during the day to keep up your energy
  • If you work in an office that allows napping, take advantage. It may help energize your mind and also give your eyes a break from the computer screen.
  • Look out the window or take a brief walk around the building. This may help with stress.3

Know How To Spot The Signs Of Burnout

stress | LCR HealthBeing burned out at work is one of the worst feelings you can have. It’s one of the costs of not finding a good balance between work and life. It can also have devastating consequences for your health.4 But if you can see the signs of burnout before they take hold, you might be able to sidestep those consequences. Here are just a few possible signs you may be feeling burnt out:

  • You’re more sensitive to criticism than normal.
  • The quality of your work has started to wane.
  • You’re putting in more overtime, or working more on weekends than ever before.
  • You’re irritable and you notice significant swings in your mood.
  • You’re taking more time off than normal.
  • You’re tired all of the time.
  • You feel isolated from friends, family, and co-workers.5

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if any of these signs apply to you. Getting out in front of the problem may be just what you need to restore your work-life balance and find the happiness you’ve been looking for.

Unplug From The Office Once You Get Home

rest reading with cat | LCR HealthLiving your best life might just be a whole lot easier if you can put the office behind you once you leave for the day. It’s understandable that you want to get ahead, of course. But if you want to achieve a true work-life balance, unplugging is important.

Unplugging could mean talking to your friends or family, hanging out with your kids or your pets, or just lying on the couch. Have a great meal, play some video games, or veg out a little bit and watch your favorite TV shows. Don’t worry about what you did or didn’t accomplish at work. Enjoy the time you have at home and recharge.

Some people go so far as to make their homes a sort of “technology-free” zone for a couple of hours once they get back home from work. Consider turning off the tablet, and don’t worry about answering those work-related e-mails if at all possible.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Are you so wrapped up in work-related anxieties that you have trouble sleeping at night? That can make it hard for you to be productive at work. It can even make living the life you want away from the office possible. Poor sleep can lead to poor decisions, such as unhealthy eating habits.6

There are a couple of things you can try in order to sleep better that you might not have previously considered. One is clearing your bedroom of any clutter. According to one study, people who go to bed in an area surrounded by clutter are at a higher risk of suffering sleep disorders.7

You might also want to think about making a to-do list before you go to bed. Think about all the tasks you’ll need to perform the next day and write them down. Then, put away the notes and go to bed. This might help clear your mind so you can get a restful night’s sleep.8

Make Time For Fun Activities And Spend More Time With Friends And Family

family playing game | LCR HealthWhen it comes to living a balanced life filled with happiness, there’s nothing more important than spending time with your loved ones. It can be hard to break away from the mental grind of work – whether or not you’re in the office. You might find yourself thinking about your job all of the time and neglecting your friends and family as a result.

Try to keep your relationships among your top priorities. They’re critical to your well-being. Living a balanced life means spending quality time with those who are closest to you.

There are a lot of challenges involved in finding a proper work-life balance. No one ever said it would be easy. But there’s a very good chance that the effort you make toward achieving that balanced life will pay off handsomely in the long run.

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